Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kanye West

Okay, so someone posted a link to this on a forum I use and its got me onto a topic thats been bugging me for weeks now.

Kanye West is fucking awful, now its true that I find the majority of hiphop/rap awful, its rather bland and simple production values either taking a basic loop or sample and setting it to a rather generic drum beat and Talking over the top of it, its not singing. Whats worse are they types that just randomly rhyme words to this beat, and thinking they are supreme. You can rhyme hooray, now sing a melody?
But anyway going back to Kanye, he's a primetime example of such uselessness. You take one popular song, you edit it slightly down to your prefferred bpm, then talk over the top. Example 1) His diamonds are forever song, you sample the Shirley Bassey SONG and repeat it to your preferred beat with the simple underlay and talk over the top. Oh yes he's clever. And now stronger, he takes the daftpunk song, long been a hit and been around for ages now, he talks over the top and reaches #1? most people purely like it for the catchy daft punk riff but yet he's the one given the credit. Fucking ridiculous I tell you.

But alas, in these days talentless people make the money and the real innovators and musicians struggle to get heard :(