Thursday, 22 November 2007

Annoyances pt2

So here is part two, I've had time to think rant and moan some more hehe

People under 30 doing Autobiographies - Speaks for itself really doesn't it, I mean unless they had a rather glamourous and eventful childhood they've hardly done much to literally write home about. Two main culprits I can think of are Lewis Hamilton and Wayne Rooney, I mean they're still young yet at the first sign of sucess they write about their lives, god only knows they've still got alot more ahead of them and I'd rather read about them when they're retired and recanting their stories of glory.

Illiterate Teens - My god words can barely describe it, they manage to spell even simple words wrong, and in some cases its not just cause they're dumb; some actually do it on purpose! I mean with stupity on such a scale the human species isn't futhering evolution, if anything its reversing it. I think we should cull them all, it makes logical sense :P

Katie Price aka Jordan - eurgh ... that somes her up nicely. I know there are a hell of alot of people worse than her and she's had to deal with her child, but given how big a public symbol she is and how many girls idolise her its fucking ridiculous, she's not that great and still a poor example. What somes it up is recently she said "I still wanted to go out and get wasted" yeh great example of motherhood.

The England football team - what a bunch of muppets lol, but we're out of euro 2008 and well deserve to be, Steve McClarren is now gone and deservidly after making some crazy decsions but all the experienced players you expect better from them

Jamster and other assorted mobile phone tat selling companies - I dont get why there cant exist a nice simple company for selling of such things, with all the ringtones you want at a fair price, but instead you get these companies that pretty much cheat and rip the public off not to mention some of the unbelieveable crap they try to sell off. One good thing though is that as mobiles get more advanced these companies will be utterly useless, their bankruptcy can't come quick enough

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Annoyances pt1

Well I keep meaning to write down my thoughts, but always forget them by the time I get around to it, so I'll just do it when and where I want now lol and for today I shall list some annoyances:

Girls Aloud - They're just crap really ain't they? awful songs to cover up their lack of talent and well they're not even that great looking, kinda tarty and just eurgh. Whats worse is its now a popular look, all these girls copying them is not good for the nation lol

iPhone - We all know I hate macs and well it continues witht he iPhone, in particular the advert with youtube, sure you can get youtube on it, but they like to glam up the graphics somewhat dont they, the actual quality is alot to be desired, youtube on the PC is hardly top quality so on an iPhone, yeh tiny and distorted FTW!

Perfume/fragrance adverts - As its getting close to christmas they're going to be on our screens non stop and I just can't stand the utter crap pretenious drivel they come up with each trying to outdo the next when they seem to forget no one really cares about such stuff. I want to launch my own fragrance with the tagline 'some people say it smells nice' and nothing but that

TV audiences - They seem to be dumbing up lol, just playing along like a cheesey panto for almost every program especially in these reality tv/talent program thingies, they just want to boo and cheer everything regardless of what people are actually saying, they should really be quiet unless spoken to lol

Anti-Windfarm Protestors - They just constantly annoy me and I can rant for ages on the topic, lets leave it at the simple fact they're idiots

The CRIA - They closed down demonoid :( they probably had just cause but yeh its annoying lol

PS3 region coding - I was told they were region free so I got a ps2 game from america hoping it would work fine... it doesn't :( and I cant play it on an emulator either which also sucks

Game - So I desperately wanted Call of Duty 4 I descided to trade in Heavenly Sword, but the bastards at Game only gave me £18 for it, considering they'll then sell it back @ £30 odd its just not fair, had I had the time I could of probably sold it for something around that myself, meh

Facebook Ap - I believe the coding to spam messages has now become public knowledge so its now constantly spamming annoying crap all over my news feed, annoying!

Not getting the peices you want in tetris - pretty self explanitory lol, I'm hooked on the game but rather annoyed at how games can go tits up with the wrong piece at the wrong time

Spam email - It has eased up at one point with only a few a week but now its over 10 a day about penis enlargement.. are they trying to tell me something :o
ummm stay tuned for more in part2 when/if I remember them lol

All those mobile phone cheesey ass lame companies - want a ringtone, wallpaper or other pathetic gimic or want to meet hot singles just send a text to... my god they're so annoying but yet people must use them to pay for the advertising, its so god damn pathetic and such a waste, all that money just flittering away

Fake Boobs - On one of those lame ass advert they had this bikini clad girl but my god she had the worst fake tits anyway, they were round in places that aren't naturally round, like they were cut off and two perfect hemispheres were just stuck on. If you can notice you've had a boob job then they're not nice boobs at all