Sunday, 26 October 2008

So I am sat here annoyed grumpy unhappy and just generally blah, playing tetris at crazy speeds and swearing quite 18+ everytime either I fuck up or the tetris gods are against me for giving me the wrong pieces. I have no idea if I'll ever be able to beat this score on Inga's list heh, but it has to be doable. But tetris is a strange game, I started off quite poorly, but over time I have found myself to improved vastly, but the odd thing is I'm doing all this with little effort, I'm at a point where I am just sat here playing, dropping a tetris piece every second moving at crazy speeds and still managing to get tetrises but whilst all that is going on I am sat here thinking about all sorts of crazy stuff like:
I wish I had a god, but a god with batteries included, not one that requires you to interpret the messages given to you by strange people, an actual pro-active god that has signs and miracles and flashy stage tricks heh, but of course under the same logic I would also love a pegasus
Those extra adverts that sponsor hollyoaks, they suck, they've sucked alot, all incarnations of them suck, I hate them so simply because they suck
Talking of people who sucks, Cheryl Cole, she sucks, I just can't take her seriously as a judge, I mean she's hardly a musical powerhouse complete with experience that actually ranks you up there, also Simon Cowell can be a bit of a tit when he defends his singers, he knew they were shite but he won't say it to their faces on tv heh
American football, that sucks too. I find all american sports coverage crazy, so facinated with stats and figures, granted for some of the games thats all you have to go on but they take it to a crazy extreme, I know with football they have stats but generally they are team based and we dont quote them religiously like the americans do, and I also find it hilarious how they managed to sell nearly every inch of advertising available. Also singing the national anthem before every game, sucks!
meh, I might rant more later, not even saying half the things on my mind

Friday, 24 October 2008

Inga is great

Quite frankly Inga is great, she's beyond great, on a scale of 1-10 10 being the greatest she's Ω (omega) words cannot sum up how great she is. She's wonderfun!