Thursday, 25 November 2010

Miles Jupp
Alex Stuart O.B.E.
Jim Jeffries
Mark Watson x3
Andy Parsons
Matt Holland
Dougie Anderson
Victoria Coren x3
David Mitchell x4
Ed Bryne
Germaine Greer
Jon Richardson x3
Rufus Hound x2
Clive James
Julia Hartley Brewer
Grayson Perry
Arthur Smith
Tony Hawks
Henning Wehn
Graham Garden
Harry Hill
Russell Howard x3
Alexander Armstrong x6
Richard Osman x5
Ben Miller
Chris Addison
Ian Hislop x4
Paul Merton x4
James Blunt
Nick Robinson
Jo Caulfield x2
Terry Alderton
Marcus Brigstocke x2
Alan Davies x2
Kevin Bridges
Jack Whitehall
Andi Osho
Rich Hall x2
Tom Stade
Lee Mack
Steven Fry
Ronnie Ancona
Dave Gorman
Colin Mochrie
Wayne Brady
other guy
Josie Lawrence
Jane Seymour
Gyles Brandreth
Richard Herring
Natalie Haynes
Jenny Eclair
Alex Horne
Matthew Wright
Scott Capurro
John Landis
Ann Diamond
Gabby Logan
Alfie Boe
Tony Christie
Josh Widdicombe
Sean Walsh
other two
Micky Flannigan
Vernon Kay
Louie Spence
Mark Dolan
Stephan Mangan
Greg Davis
Andrian Chiles x2
Ross Nobel x2
Ross Kemp
Kay Burley
Honor Blackman
Charlie Higson
Andy Hamilton
Roisin Conaty
Christopher Biggins
Mark Steel
Gordon Ramsey
Dan Stevens
Sean Lock
Mike Wilmot
Tony Mortimer
Eddie the Eagle
Jeremy Edwards
Gemma Bissex
Graham Cole
Derek Martin
Terry Christian
Janice Long

Huw Edwards
Ellie Crisell
Jimmy Carr
Dermot O'Leary
Sarah Millican
Noel Fielding
Greg Proops (maybe)
Andrew Marr
Cheryl Baker

Heresy x3
The Unbelievable Truth
John Finnemore Sketch Show
Mark Watson Kicks Off x2
Pointless x5
Have I Got News For You x4
Harry Hills TV Burp
Armstrong and Miller Show
The Bubble
Russell Howard's Good News x2
Comics Choice
Trust Us With Your Life
The Wright Stuff + Live With Gabby
That Sunday Night Show x2
Stand Up For The Week x2
Mad Bad Ad Show

Saturday, 30 January 2010

50 Random Facts about myself

1) I've met Martin O'Neil in a service station toilet before he was famous
2) I like Schrödinger based humour
3) I was once nearly knocked over by John Prescott
4) I really quite like studio ghibli films
5) I can say "I don't know" in 4 languages so far and a shrug of the shoulders
6) I was Socrates in a primary school play, I had to know the greek alphabet... since forgotten
7) I got an A for G.C.S.E. French, since then I have never been there nor talked to any indigenous speakers of the language so have forgotten most of it
8) I love visual infinity loops
9) I feel compelled to look into the sky whenever I see a helicopter, despite the fact I've seen hundreds before
10) I like to stack coins in order of size
11) My top score for a game of scrabble is 519, that includes 3 50 bonuses
12) I feel proud to even get a few questions right in tough quizzes like university challenge
13) I swim a mile a week (so long as I'm able to)
14) I'm rather good at Tetris
15) My record for building a card pyramid solo is 8 stories
16) I've scored a goal from nearly the half way line in juniors football
17) I've managed to have 2 shoutouts on Radio1
18) I've seen David Mitchell in person 3 times and counting
19) I can juggle 3 balls
20) I'd like to one day speak Japanese