Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My London Adventures

so my brother has been in need of a new boiler, he'd hunted around for one and a decent plumber to install it, he found a decent priced one but was in need of someone to be in his flat while. As I was free I volunteered my services so my brother came and picked me up sunday so I would be there for monday.
As I got to London we then found out the plumber hadn't confirmed the appointment or got his deposit, so that was then re-arranged for thursday. In the meantime monday was my birthday, so I wanted to make the most of it. So in the day I went to the science museum. Such an impressive place considering its free, there's actually so much information there I found myself actually skipping past and ignoring some of the exhibits. Best bits were the space and rocketry area, the big hall of machines and whatnot, mika hakkinens formula 1 car, the glowy ring thing, the plastics exhibition and the flight area. What was also cool was they announced that from 2:30 to 3:30 the Wallace and Gromit exhibition would be free, so as I was there I went along. It was quite cool as it had various sets and stuff from the films and odd things you can do, although its more aimed at kids heh. Mind you it would of cost £9 to go there and I'm glad I didn't pay that heh, cause it was not worth that much given how little there was in the end, but definately nice for free lol. After that I met up with my brother and we went to Canary Wharf to watch District 9, its a really good and interesting film. I liked the fact it wasn't an American alien film heh and a very different look on that type of film. It was a tad gorey at times but I liked it, worth seeing if you like sci-fi and drama lol. After that we met up with the sister-in-law and had a very fancy chinese meal in a quite posh isle of dogs chinese restaurant, the fried chicken was gorgeous :D
So Tuesday, I'd decided it was easier to stay on than come home just to come back a day later, but the snag with that was I only packed for 3 days heh, so I went off to Camden town (much to my dislike after recent events but I knew it was a decent place to shop heh) managed to get some swimming things and other bits and bobs before going to the market to get 2 novalty t-shirts I'd been after and a cool chinese style dragon thing heh, spent the rest of the time just looking around before going back to Trafalagar square to see the 4th plinth again, before walking to the southbank just to look around. In the end I stayed to watch some of the street performers, some bendy africans and an argentinian football juggler, who turns out to be mildly famous for it too heh.
Wednesday because my brothers flat had no hot water I went swimming to keep up with my weekly routine and to use the hot showers there heh. So I spent the day in Greenwich, walking and looking around before going off swimming and doing my usual mile