Saturday, 30 January 2010

50 Random Facts about myself

1) I've met Martin O'Neil in a service station toilet before he was famous
2) I like Schrödinger based humour
3) I was once nearly knocked over by John Prescott
4) I really quite like studio ghibli films
5) I can say "I don't know" in 4 languages so far and a shrug of the shoulders
6) I was Socrates in a primary school play, I had to know the greek alphabet... since forgotten
7) I got an A for G.C.S.E. French, since then I have never been there nor talked to any indigenous speakers of the language so have forgotten most of it
8) I love visual infinity loops
9) I feel compelled to look into the sky whenever I see a helicopter, despite the fact I've seen hundreds before
10) I like to stack coins in order of size
11) My top score for a game of scrabble is 519, that includes 3 50 bonuses
12) I feel proud to even get a few questions right in tough quizzes like university challenge
13) I swim a mile a week (so long as I'm able to)
14) I'm rather good at Tetris
15) My record for building a card pyramid solo is 8 stories
16) I've scored a goal from nearly the half way line in juniors football
17) I've managed to have 2 shoutouts on Radio1
18) I've seen David Mitchell in person 3 times and counting
19) I can juggle 3 balls
20) I'd like to one day speak Japanese