Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Well been ages I've written in this despite plenty on my mind the past few weeks, i've just been too Lazy to write it down.

Well i'm feeling really rather down at the moment, mainly cause I just completed Suikoden 4, it has bit of an odd ending and I think storywise was the weakest suikoden so far (even though i've only played 3 of them) but finishing any long winded role playing game like that normally leaves me a bit perplexed at the end. Anywho my review of the game; its not as strong as suikoden 2, as mentioned the story isn't quite as good and the world is comparatively alot smaller, but I do like the concept of it, it was definately something different, the boat battles were interesting but far to simple when you got to them. All you have to do it level up, board them and poof, ship down.
Now what really annoys me is I ordered it the same day as suikoden 5, but hmv screwed that order up and its yet to surface 3 weeks on, I shall have to wait for my next fix, which might be a good thing considering I have things I've wanted to do lol.

Whilst on a computer game theme i'll use this moment to say how utterly beautiful Heavenly Sword is, the nice people at delievered it a day before its release so i've been lucky enough to play it early on. Its an utterly gorgeous game, it looks and plays pretty much like a film, with a nice plot and has to be said an awesome bad guy, voiced by the bloke who played Golem in LOTR, its got a true cinegraphic feel to the game. The only downside is how short and easy it is, I was upto chapter 4 by the first day and stopped playing just to extend the life of it, whilst its quite easy, mastering it will be a different matter, so that'll extend gamelife for a while. I'm half tempted to trade it in once i've finished it, but the snag with that is there's so little else out there, I might enquire as to how much i'd get for it and see.
In other PS3 news warhawk is turning into quite a cool game, now the stats are registering I can try to improve my rank, provided it actually lets me connect to their servers more often. Bit of a shame though how much little content there is, they state there will be add-ons but chance are they won't be free or even if they are there's no sight of them for a while.

But hey at least after writing this i'm not as gloomy, just bored heh. Oh well might be seeing a new post sooner than expected

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