Saturday, 25 August 2007

PS3 Greatness

Well seeing as I'm wide awake again with no one around to chin wag with and nothing much to do I thought I'd post in my blog again.

Now yesterday, in a similar wideawake boredom bout I decided to browse the PS3 store and check out some of the videos. After weeks of the PS3 store being so unreliable it was amazing all the downloads finished so quickly. There were three videos that caught my attention, the future of the Playstation network, seems they're going to add alot of nice stuff and hopefully some of it will be free =D There was also the eyetoy, seems kinda gimicy but if it doubles up as a decent webcam I might purchase one and play the quaint games hehe, some of the videos looked crazy the way you have to interact lol. Also in reading an artical that goes with the video I read that the PS3 will be able to watch and record digital TV once the adapter is launched. This is great news as I've been wanting a digital recorder for a while now so hopefully it won't be too pricey.

But the two games that caught my eye were: Unreal Tournament 3, it was only a short video but oh my god! it looked f-ing amazing. Some of the vehicles and planes in it, looks like total carnage all in beautiful graphics. Comparing it to halo 3 it actually looks far superior. What also comes as good news as you'll be able to use a USB mouse with it too. Quite frankly that game wins!
The next eagily anticipated game is Metal Gear Solid 4, the video looked again awesome and the sheer attention to detail in the game is amazing. Not to mention all the gadgets tricks and treats that Snake now posesses, it just looks avisually amazing and looks like it'll play like nothing before. Of course I still need to complete MGS2 and MGS3 but hey it wont be out for a while hehe.

So lately things for the ps3 ain't been looking too shit, the only downside is the price and waiting time really, but its getting there


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