Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ramblings 1

Well I'm going to attempt to get back into blogging, doubt it will last but who knows eh?

First point of call, when shall my weekly cut off be? start a week on saturday or end a week on sunday? lol

Lets see, Man united suck. That muppet ronaldo missed his penalty and I was in extacy, I cant stand that **** and it was all set up nicely for him and him alone to cost Man U the champsions league but Terry slipped and missed :( still upto then it was a good match, Hilarious with all the fouls bad refereeing calls and anger lol.
Sticking to the football theme who should I support in Euro 2008? bit of a toughy cause no one likes the french, the italians, the germans, the dutch, the russians, the croatians or the Portugese. So that leaves very few teams left lol, I think I shall plump for Spain mostly cause of Fabregas and Arteta heh, plus they're the underated underdogs so about time they triumphed. Its just a shame i'm not that big a fan of the country of spain lol. Euro 2008 is going to be shit but i'll still end up watching it lol

==Well as I suspected my plan to Blog weekly failed miserably, I thought of plenty of things to say but just never be bothered or motivated to write them down lol, but anywho I shall now ramble about all sorts -National Treasure You know what, this film wasn't that bad, sure it had a bit of a cheesy ending and was hardly plausable but still it was a pretty decent film heh, I quite want to see the sequel now -Euro 2008 Well its here, and I know I said Earlier I'd back Spain to win it but now i'm not so sure since I've learnt that Mikel Arteta isn't in the squad, he rocked last season so its a shame but I guess it might be injury, either way I highly doubt Spain will win lol, so now my new method is to support the underdog in every game lol, granted so far its brought about two defeats so far but that cant stay true forever lol -Fishies Our pond has new fishies! 3 Comets and 7 Golden Tench, the tench were a bit of a mistake cause they have black on the top of their heads and their bottom feeders, so we've barely seen any of them since we got them, but the comets are cool and much braver now so you can see the darting about, think we need to get some more comets to make it even -Super puzzle fighter 2 turbo hd remix Bit of a long title isnt it, but a remake of one of my favourite PS1 games and its great, I tried the ps1 one again and I struggled too much with my colourblindness but this new version is much easier to tell the yellows and greens apart. One cool feature is the online play but its not great, it seems barely anyone plays so I struggle to get a game and sometimes the lag is just too much with it being noticably a second behind your actions, not a bad buy but I wish it was £2 cheaper -Stanley Cup I never really watch ice hockey in the regular season, but I managed to catch quite a few games of the Stanley cup and it was forking great heh. I was lucky enough to catch the penultimate game that went to triple overtime after an equaliser in the last 40 seconds, really great game to watch but it was a bit hard on the sleep lol, they could of gone on playing for another hour if they hadn't of scored, but in the end the better team won but still fun to watch heh -NBA finals And straight after the Stanley cup the NBA finals start, I'm not sure who I want to win cause both teams are pretty similar, I think i'll support the team that are losing after the first few games lol -Sorting Files Sucks! I managed like 30 in 30minutes and only got another 1180 to go :( lol -The New Gladiators I caught this while at my sisters, and quite frankly it isn't that great at all, its just not the same and the eliminator at the end is just lame. Its shot in a couple of Giant studios but its just not the same as the Arena the original was shot in -42 detention law Don't know why I care about this, I think theres only like a handful of people it will ever affect, but my word theres a hubbub about it, just make it 30 days detention with 20 more if deemed worthy, or perhaps nice versa with 20 then 30 extra but either way you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't -BBC Liscence fee Aparently the News doesn't apply to where we live, and that alot of people think it doesn't apply to them? so ummmm do they not watch the local news? The national news is for the NATION and local news for your area, and yet they moan the national news doesn't cover their region enoguh, my god theres so much wrong with the liscence fee's but given this was a survey by the people in charge its a complete and utter shambles! more follows later

==Well as expected my idea to ramble every week has failed, i've lost track of all my ramblings so I think I'll just combine these all into a giant mega rambling post lol ps3 firmware v2.40 - Well on paper it looked a pretty decent update, it even said you can search the web ingame, but it turns out you can't, it turns out you can't actually do very much with it at all, the Tropheys seem cool but obviously there are none to get yet lol. So far the only use I've found is for EyeCreate, you dont have to quit to transfer files to a memory card. It looks useful in the long run, but as with almost everything PS3 associated its lacking just that something, I might write another post later with all the things ps3 needs lol Facebook chat - Given that its now the only way to track whos online, its bloody annoying lol. It takes a while to load, jumps between working and error all the time. The chat itself is still bugged, people show as offline when they're not and messages often can't be sent, but you know I'm getting used to things not working properly lol, I just expect more from the bigger companies

=="Give yourself to Jesus, he's a sexual predator"

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