Friday, 14 December 2007

Annoyances pt3

So yeh i'm currently in a grumpy mood, no-one interesting is around to talk to and nothing much to do but rant lol

Annoying teenagers - now this is such a vast and grand topic with hundreds of possible reasons so I shall concentrate on the one that pissed me off today lol. So there's this kid interested in COD modding, cant fault his enthusiasm, but my god is he annoying and whats worse is he just doesn't get that he is and contiues being annoying, the sad thing is it will probably take years for him to realise but by then i'll be so annoyed I'll find bambi and punch him

Funwall - the facebook ap that is so annoying it needs to be banned, I don't have the Ap added to my profile but that doesnt stop it from putting tons of crap on my feed or email and whats worse is when you view a profile of someone who has it it takes ages to load all the spammed crap that everyone using it seems to send out, grr ban it ban it ban it ban it

Sissy Footballers - Its bloody ridiculous when they get a slight knock or get lost in possesion they go down to the ground in a heap and stay there hoping the ref will give something. But so many players do it these days, especially the foreigners and they just never realise how twattish they look. The FA UEFA or FIFA need to take a stand against this and start banning or fining the offenders that stop play only to magically be running the moment you get possesion back

Farmers on Travian - I spent the whole day trying to build a Grain Mill but the fucking farmer whos been attacking me 5 times a day all week kept hitting me just as I was nearly done and putting it back several hours. I just want to crush and smite him but I'm still weeks away from being strong enough :(

Everything else - it just annoys me heh.

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