Wednesday, 13 June 2007

GCSE's and Coursework

I just heard on the news that the Government plans to stop students from taking their coursework home, admittadly this is a good fix for all those that cheat or get outside help but when I did my GCSE's I had so much damned coursework it would of been impossible to do it at school whilst also doing the lessons to learn the material for your gcse's. I did 11 gcse's in the end and I had to do a piece of coursework for every subject, and some like english you had more than one piece to do (even had to do R.E. coursework but I didnt really bother with it and it didnt make the grade lol) But if I wasnt able to take them home, I would never of finished half of them.
But it just sounds a ridiculous decision, but hey I finished mine so why should I moan eh :P

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